Symcraft, LLC was located in Symmes Township, Ohio which is a suburb of Cincinnati.

My name is Ron and I have worked many jobs during my various careers.
My goal as the founder and owner of Symcraft was to provide quality products at a good value to you our customers.

How I got here

Prior to operating Symcraft, I worked for three different large multi-national companies. I spent close to 10 years in the IT Department for a large consumer goods company before being outsourced. I then worked the same assignment at that company as an employee of the outsourcing company.

Once the outsourcing company did not meet their targets, I was laid off along with many others. I then went to work for another large multi-national company specializing in outsourcing. I figured if you cannot beat them then join them. Lightning struck for the third time almost three years into that job.

Needless to say that at this point I decided to start my own company.

* Due to a loss of clients and lack of online customers, I have made the decision to halt operations. *

I went back to school and earned my Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies majoring in Applied Administration. I am currently looking to contribute my skills and experience to a local organization in a managerial role.

For further information on my background and experience, please visit my LinkedIn profile: